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Xenite and Herkulean Webmaster's Association Member #110
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This Way To

From Animaniacs Comics' spoof on Xena -- Minerxa:Warrior Princess
Xena plays basketball in this slightly altered version of the TV Guide picture

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Occasionally, for reasons only known to the gods, someone will say something nice about Xena Subtext Comics. These people actually said it on their own sites,(which no longer exist, so don't even think about checking up on me)!

"Another great site - hilariously funny. ... I defy anyone not to laugh." - Pussy_Golightly
Ms Golightly's Xena Subtext Shrine

"Some might consider these risqe, but I thought they were funny...as in comics... funny...ya know, the two go together. :-)" - XenaCrazed
Absolutely XenaCrazed

"a damn clever site." - scott
Xena: Warrior Lesbian

"If you're into it, this site is chock full of well done subtext comics. Really great use of HTML, too. Worth a trip, even if you don't dig subtext." - Starwarrior
Starwarrior's Xena:Warrior Princess Page

"Want more laughs? Visit the very hilarious Xena Subtext Comics, guaranteed to make you laugh out loud!" - xjazz

"Had me laughing out loud at certain of them. WELL worth seeing." - Kirsti
Kirsti's First Attempt at a Xena page

"... a really fun way to appreciate the subtext rather than an 'in your face' assault." - ]RF[ Callisto
Episode Guide For Aussie Xenites

"The funniest Xena site to date, it rocks! " - sydney0
One More for the Xenaverse

"Clever use of Javascript combines with a wicked sense of humour. " - Pammo
Pammo's TV Viewing Habits

"This is hilarious!!!!!!! Even if you've never seen the show check these out, they are very funny! " - Dawn
The Jokehause!

"An awesome site with a sense of humor... great comics for the subtext lover in you." - Argo69
The Gallery

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